Workflow Process Review

Workflow Process Review

One of the non-negotiables of working with us on your automation is that you have your workflows mapped out or you’re prepared to map them out with us.

From experience we know that reviewing your workflows can dramatically improve your productivity.  It highlights where a system isn’t working or any bottlenecks there may be in your workflow and also saves time and money in the automation build process.

This is what you need to ask yourself to effectively understand and document a workflow…

    • What will the end result of the workflow be?
    • What are the steps you take to get to the end of the workflow?
    • Do any problems occur?  If yes what are they?  i.e. you may have to send numerous emails to find out a small piece of information which is time-consuming and not a good use of your time
    • How long does each step take to complete before the get to the end of the workflow
    • Who does what when and what tools do you use?

When you have this information you can map out your workflow and identify any steps that can be eliminated, outsourced, need the personal touch or can be automated.

Having your processes documented not only means any automation you implement will be efficient but it also becomes your business bible, your training manual.  If you’re ever ill you can ask for help knowing that someone can step into your shoes with your business workflow manual and confidently follow the steps in your process.

It’s not the most sexy thing you’ll ever do in your business but workflows that aren’t performing as well as you think they are can harm your productivity and your brand.

Book a Workflow Process Review

Every workflow is unique to your business.  Costs are determined after an inital discovery call.

Visual example of a mapped out worfklow

Workflow Process Review