Will AI take our jobs ?

Will AI take our jobs ?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been creeping into workplaces for some time now, but it is expected to be firmly ingrained in the way business runs in the next few years. AI has the potential to completely change the way people are employed and the roles they play in the workplace.

AI technology can take on mundane administrative tasks that occupy numerous hours of a human’s time with ease. This means that jobs involving these tasks can become obsolete with AI technology taking their place. AI machines are already being used in the manufacture of products and products themselves, with robots taking over the roles of those in warehouses and logistics.

On the other hand, mitigating the impact of AI does not necessarily have to be a bad thing because it can free employees up for more creative and strategic tasks that require an organic human touch. As AI takes up the mundane tasks, businesses can place their human resources on tasks which ensurе greater efficiency in handling complex challenges.

According to a survey done by SIA (Staffing Industry Analysts), more than 70% of current jobs in the US could be automated in 20 years without any negative effect on the economy. This means that individuals will have a greater chance to use their creativity and move into more adaptable and innovative roles that robots and AI won’t be able to easily replicate. Employers will also benefit from a more productive and sustainable workplace with an engaged workforce that is free from mundane tasks.

AI’s potential in the workplace is infinitely large. Employment is likely to see large changes over the coming years as personnel are freed up to take up more creative and intelligent tasks that robots and AI won’t be able to mimic. The emphasis should be on preparing people to face the new challenges that will come with automation and adapting their roles to what the new workplace environment requires. With some proactive innovation, AI can lead to greater productivity and efficiency for businesses, as well as exciting new opportunities for employees.

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