Why training providers can’t afford to ignore Airtable and automation

Why training providers can't afford to ignore Airtable and automation

Why training providers can’t afford to ignore Airtable and automation

What is Airtable automation and what does it mean to training providers ?

Airtable is a great tool for any business, but there are several reasons why we believe it’s particularly beneficial for training providers.

Information is your most valuable asset. You want to store information and data in one central location, so you can easily access it when you need it. This is where Airtable automation can hand you back the equally valuable commodity of time.

Airtable allows you to create custom fields for your training data. While having existing training data within spreadsheets, you can simply import the information into Airtable by creating a new base with an Airtable template.

This way, it becomes easier to manage all the videos you have available on a given topic, as well as any related files. It’s also easy to keep those resources up-to-date because those changes are reflected in the table as soon as you make them.

Not only that, but if any customer needs additional resources, it’s easy to add them to the project and send over an updated link in no time.

A prime example of this is our client Spacious Coaching who are coaching/training providers. We have built a bespoke system in Airtable which enables them to manage their online courses all in one place.

They have a database which sends direct email confirmations to the students. Automated reminders with document links with Zoom links included are set to be sent out both a week before and a day before a course is due to start. On the day of the course they have a register which triggers an email to automatically be sent with a feedback form included. Once the form is returned, a PDF certificate is automatically created and sent to the student.

Our client loves this feature, saying …

Jayne Chudley

Jayne ChudleyDirector/Founder - Spacious Coaching

So Airtable automation can increase productivity?

Absolutely! This is where using Airtable really shines, as the app allows you to automate actions based on triggers (known as “recipes” in Airtable). These automation features can save you hours every week. By automatically sending out follow-up emails to students after they complete a course, or automatically emailing students when they are about to start a course. The time saved is invaluable and can be spent on more important matters.

Everyone is looking for the perfect way to streamline their business without cutting corners. We always say that if there’s logic in a process we can automate it.

Let’s look at some more of the key benefits to using Airtable as a training provider.


Airtable is a collaborative database, meaning that multiple users can work on it at once from different locations. All of the data can also be accessed and updated quickly and easily with the Airtable app.

Airtable also gives you more advanced options, such as commenting on records and assigning tasks. It’s a highly efficient way to assign work and stay on top of deadlines, which means you’re running more productively as a business.



Automation is key if you want to run a business smoothly and successfully. Less time is wasted on mundane, administrative tasks. Airtable can assist by automating actions such as emailing participants when they’ve been added to a training course.

With Airtable’s automation tools you can create streamlined processes, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.


When bringing in new software you might be worried that there will be a cumbersome learning curve. Let us reassure you that this won’t be the case!

When we started developing and using Airtable we were newbies ourselves, but with easy to use Airtable tutorials and support we were building bespoke new systems within months.

Airtable works with your business

We hope we have sparked your interest in Airtable, having given you some insight into how it can be of use to you.

Whether you are interested in automating your business processes, or streamlining your day-to-day into one easy-to-use platform, Airtable is worth checking out!

And don’t worry it’s not as expensive as you might think.  The starting cost of a bespoke system to you is £550 which you can add to as you go along.

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