Why is Airtable better than Excel?

Why is Airtable better than Excel?

Think of a database like your good kitchen knife. Ask anyone who loves to cook, and they will tell you that a high-quality cutting tool makes all the difference in the world.

Airtable is that tool for organizing and analyzing data. It can help you quickly retrieve only the information you need, create visual reports, and even combine information from more than one source.

“But why don’t people use databases, then?” you ask. “Aren’t they just a different kind of spreadsheet?”

Let’s find out!

Why is Airtable better than Excel?

Put simply, a database is a collection of data with relationships to each other that you can search and update. A spreadsheet is not.

If you have more than a few columns of information, it’s time to stop pretending your spreadsheet is a database and start using the correct tool for the job.

A database enables you to search your data. This means you can quickly find all transactions related to “Apple.” You can also search for records belonging to specific people or belonging to specific departments. That’s where databases really shine over spreadsheets.

Excel’s strength is managing large amounts of data in a single table. For example, if you’re working on an employee database, you might want to track all the information about your employees in one place: their name, age, job title, manager, and so on. If you have five employees, that’s not so bad. But if you have five thousand employees or are tracking five thousand different products, a spreadsheet isn’t going to work.

This is why businesses are moving away from spreadsheets and towards databases like Airtable. Most businesses need something more than a spreadsheet to manage their operations, inventory, and employees. They need a powerful database that helps them run their operation more efficiently and effectively and that powerful database is Airtable.

Why is Airtable better than Excel

Your business and Airtable

Airtable is easily adaptable to your business needs, and will save you time and effort. Spreadsheets are static and built for one user, while airtable is intuitive enough for anyone to use and powerful enough to do anything you need.  It’s free to get started so why not give it a try.  You can sign up here.

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