What is Airtable?

What is Airtable?

What is Airtable?

What is Airtable?

We all know how important the ability to organise information and data in your business is. Airtable enables you to organise your data and save time which is why we are big fans and use it extensively with our automation clients.

Let’s look into it in more detail.

Is it a spreadsheet or is it a database?

Well Airtable is a new type of spreadsheet that lets you store structured data.

But, unlike spreadsheets, Airtable is also a database that makes it simple to find your most important information. It’s entirely flexible and perfect for keeping track of data. Plus, anything else related to your business or personal life

Why use Airtable

Airtable is the easiest way to capture, search, share, and analyse data. Representing large amounts of data in a simple format makes it easy to see patterns in your business. It’s an ideal platform for:

  • Staying on top of sales leads
  • Monitoring budgets or projects
  • Posting customer service tickets
  • Ideas for improvement
  • And much more!

The possibilities with Airtable are endless.

Start a business project, a wish list, a wedding planning notebook, or a baby album. If you can dream it, Airtable probably has a way to store it! It’s flexible enough to adapt as your needs change—just rearrange rows and columns any way you like.

Anyone can get started using Airtable with no technical training. You can access great looking templates for spreadsheets, product catalogs, customer relationship management, project management, and more. Update them instantly whenever you want, and all of your data will remain safe – since it’s stored in the cloud, not on your computer.

Automation Made Simple built Presenting Virtually an all in one hub in Airtable. We simplified their systems and Rob now has a full overview of his business in detail.  Here’s what Rob thinks about working with us and his new system 👇🏽

What’s the difference between Airtable and Excel?

Airtable is a simple yet powerful database that lets you take control of your data. It translates spreadsheets into tables, lists into columns, images into Gallery views, making it easy to convert existing data into Airtable, and then tweak it to suit.

While Excel was originally designed for numbers and dates, Airtable can handle any type of data. It can take photos, store documents—even connect to your favourite apps like Dropbox and Google Sheets. With features like automation, mail merge and bulk deletion, you can integrate files from anywhere, or make hundreds of updates instantaneously.

Kanban View

Kanban view

Benefits of Airtable

  • Airtable gives you the familiarity of a spreadsheet, and the power of a database. It’s basically spreadsheets on steroids for creating databases.
  • Not only is Airtable an easy way to store, organize and share your data – it can make you — and your team — much more productive.
  • If you want structure or if you are feeling overwhelmed by using spreadsheets, Airtable is for you.

If you’re you tired of juggling multiple software platforms and want to stop paying mutiple subscriptions and start using one easily accessible cloud database for all your information, then we recommend trying Airtable. The best bit is you can get started for FREE.

Gallery View

Gallery view

Learn more about Airtable

If you want to learn Airtable or want to fast track your existing knowledge sign up to our 1-2-1 Airtable training. You’ll start from scratch and end up with a working CRM system all in just 90 minutes.

Book a call with us if you are looking to refine your system and have a central hub in Airtable.


If you sign up to Join Secret for $99 you will get $500 worth of Airtable credit plus discounts to loads more popular apps.  The credit you receive will mean you can use Airtable for free for approximinately 18 months! It’s a no-brainer, what are you waiting for, join now!

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