Signs your ready for workflow automation

Signs your ready for workflow automation

As your business grows it’s likely that you’ll find yourself wearing a number of hats: bookkeeper, marketer, salesperson to name a few. This can be so exhausting and your much more likely to make mistakes.

While juggling all these different roles, we’re sure you will have realised that to grow your business further you need the right foundations in place so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

Many business owners use free cloud-based platforms to streamline and automate their workflow processes. Automating your workflow is a time saver and will reduce the number of common tasks that you do on a daily basis. The results from implementing automation are immediate! 

When should I automate my processes?

1.        The process is standardised

A process, such as client onboarding that follows the same set of rules or triggers every time you onboard a new client, is the perfect place to start with automation. You already know exactly what information you require and in what order the steps will be completed. These tasks will also take up most of your time.

2.        You use paper forms

If you use a paper form for a process such as an application form, then this is a sign of a process that can be automated. The person who created the form knows exactly what needs to be included for the completion of the form. Online form builders that have been automated are versatile e.g. add widgets such as T & C’s, conditional logic that will auto-populate parts of the form. They also provide a smoother customer journey.

3.        High Volume Tasks

Completing high volume tasks such as logging customer information into your CRM tool, updating spreadsheets and contacts can be automated using tools such as Zapier and Integromat.

4.        Difficult Tasks

Do you find yourself making mistakes with some tasks? These tasks are not necessarily difficult but they are frustrating because they are so time-consuming. For example, if you spend a lot of your time trying to make sure you stay visible on social media, you can automate using a social media management tool such as Buffer.

Before you start thinking about which tools to use to automate your business, invest a small amount of time to document your task roadmap so you know s from start to finish to what you do to get from A to B. That might sound boring but to get the best results it’s worth it!

If you want to get more done in less time, increase your productivity, achieve more consistent results and bring in more revenue, put the right foundations in place in your business. Start by automating one of your simpler tasks, see the benefits and then move on to the next task. Before you know you’ll have automated all the stuff that doesn’t need that all so important personal touch.

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