Online Business Manager



Are you an established business owner struggling with the daily operations of your online business?


Have you reached your limits in revenue growth?




Wouldn’t it feel good to go back to being the visionary of your business rather than being involved in the small stuff, the stuff you just hate doing?


What you need is me, another brain beside you, an experienced Business Manager who is ready to support you and your business.


I can create efficiency out of chaos, and save you time and money by:


✅ managing day-to- day operations

✅ team management

✅ project management

✅ manage your budgets

✅ review and streamline systems and processes

✅ implement automated systems.


I’m someone who can figure stuff out as well as suggest ideas and give you support and guidance.  I’m also a qualified coach so can help with mindset too.


So stop trying to do it all yourself. Get the balance right in your business and let’s do this together!




Saving you time, so you can make more money!



I’ll learn about you, your business and the way you work which will enable me to free up your time, so your business is working for you, instead of you working for your business.


I’m flexible and reliable and will guarantee results of a high standard.


I also understand the power of collaboration and how working with others is good for business growth and innovation.  With that in mind I work with a teamed of experienced professionals.  With the expertise of my team and extensive knowledge I have of project management, I am able to offer you added value and a unique service just for you.


From ongoing support to one off projects I will provide a range of services that will be unique to you and your business.

What should I outsource?

If your not sure where you need help, together we can review your workflow and identify areas that can be automated, eliminated, outsourced or that can only be done by you.


All of the services I offer are delivered remotely and are managed via channels such as slack, zoom, email, telephone.


This is just a sample of the services I can offer.  If there is something not on the list the chances are that I can help so please contact me to find out more.

    • Online business management
    • Project Management
    • Implementing systems into your business
    • CRM management and integration
    • Executive Virtual PA support
    • Management of your team


  • Per Hour

  • $£45/mo
    • Ad hoc support as and when required
    • Online Business Management
    • Management or recruitment of your team
    • Executive Virtual PA support (£35 per/hr)
    • Minimum charge of one hour per month
    • Time sheet provided with every invoice

  • Retainer

  • £1200/mo
    • Retainers start from £1200
    • 24-48 hour turnaround
    • Charged increments of 30 minutes, rounded to the nearest half hour
    • Time report provided with every invoice
    • Project management
    • Implement systems
    • Recruit or manage your team
    • Run day to day operations

Let’s talk about streamlining your business