How we helped improve Safety Rocks closure rates with Airtable

How we helped improve Safety Rocks closure rates with Airtable

The Client
Safety Rocks

Automation Made Simple, business automation experts, recently worked with Carla and Jonathan from Safety Rocks Limited following a recommendation from Rob Geraghty from Presenting Virtually, a client we had worked with previously.

Safety Rocks is a health and safety training company that has specialises in truly tailored training; With a fresh, dynamic approach to health & safety training they help businesses across the globe to improve the way that they manage risk, view culture and much more besides!

Challenges for the client prior to approaching us
What were they?

Safety Rocks business has grown rapidly over the past few years, and their current systems were no longer fit for purpose. They were concerned about dropping the ball as they didn’t have full visibility of what was happening on projects, which meant they were missing opportunities or forgetting to carry out critical tasks and processes.

Safety Rocks needed to have a system which afforded them more organisational memory. They had tried several off the shelf CRM solutions but they didn’t quite fit with their requirements, and they were struggling to keep track of all the opportunities that they were chasing, as well as things like follow-up calls and emails. They also found that they were forgetting critical steps within the sales process which may have been affecting closure rates.

What were the requirements?

When we met with Safety Rocks, we identified a number of issues that meant  previous CRM systems had not been working for them:

-The platform was too complicated to use effectively

-They did not have access to all the information they needed in one place

-The system did not provide enough flexibility for them to adapt it to fit their specific

We needed a simple, cost effective way for Safety Rocks to manage their growing business.

Together we decided that Airtable would be a good fit for these requirements, as it provided a simple, cost effective platform that provided the flexibility to fit and adapt to any changes that might be required in future.

The Solution
How did we help?

We created a new CRM system that was flexible enough to be able to change and suit their work methods.

Automations were used to handle generic processes so that time could be freed up to focus on execution.

Everything is visible in the system now—and therefore enables the team to easily see each stage of the projects and what needs doing—so they can stop running around and start getting stuff done!

Tools Used

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