How to automate your client onboarding

Automate your client/student onboarding and spend your time working on the stuff you’re brilliant at, the money making stuff.

Over the past 5 years there has been a significant rise in the need for streamlined, automated businesses.

As a business owner yourself, you know that your time is money. Your time is not best spent getting involved in the day to day nitty gritty of your business. 

With the explosion of online tools that are available for businesses it’s now much easier to invest in specialised products and apps that fit perfectly with what you’re trying to achieve, while saving you time and money.

We have worked with several clients who initially carried out many manual tasks in their business.  Using a selection of online tools such as Zapier, Slack, JotForm, Airtable to name but a few, we successfully transformed these tasks from manual to automated saving our clients hours of time each week.

Steps to automate your client/student onboarding

Step One

Before any automation can begin you must know your customer journey from start to finish.  Working virtually, we work with you to document each step your customer takes and what they do to move on to be fully enrolled. From this point, together we will decide which parts of the process can be automated and which still need your interaction.   

Once we have access to all the online platforms you’re already using, we will begin automating your enrolment process communicating with you along the way using either Zoom, telephone, email etc as agreed.

Step Two

Using JotForm we create an online replica of your paper-based application form.

The form can have multiple questions with conditional logic included that mean the customer only fills in the relevant parts of the form – the questions that are not relevant are skipped.

Payment integration is set up using Stripe so payment can be taken at the time of booking without your involvement.  There is the option to integrate JotForm further and save you more time.  If you integrate with Google Sheets JotForm will automatically populate the required sheet with details of your new student.

Step Three

Your new electronic form is embedded into a button on your WordPress website.  The location of the button and any additional text will be agreed with you and then implemented.

So now, instead of spending your valuable time sending out applications forms, arranging payment etc you will have done nothing other than point them to your website. 

Upon visiting your website, the student will complete the online application form, payment will be taken by your designated platform and your spreadsheet will be updated. 

Emails will be sent to yourself to notify you of payment and to the student confirming payment.  If required a notification can also be set up in Slack to notify you the enrolment process has been completed.

There is the option to automate the enrolment process further by creating a trigger that once payment has been received workbooks are sent out automatically to the student and they are added to your mailing list.

Step Four

We will have completed all of the above working virtually.  Before the system goes live we will implement a test run of the automated process so you can be confident that everything works before going live.

What tools are used in automating your student onboarding/enrolment process?

Zapier – automation tool
Slack – communication tool
JotForm – custom online electronic forms
Stripe – online payment platform
Google Sheets
Mailchimp – mailing list
LastPass – online password manager

Automation is the best thing that can happen to your business!  Start with the most time-consuming process and then build your automated business from there. 

Don’t waste your time, get started today and save yourself heaps of time.  I’m here to help you now.