Consistency and Compound Interest

Consistency and Compound Interest

Do you want to unlock a superpower? Become consistently consistent.

Most people think of superpowers as something fantastical – invisibility, strength, superhuman intelligence – but consistency is no less impacting and often gets overlooked as a superpower. Consistency is the ability to be reliable, steady and constant in all that you do, and it’s a trait that will help you unlock amazing rewards all throughout your life.

One of the most powerful results of consistency is the mechanism of compound interest. Put simply, compound interest allows you to earn interest on interest. Your money grows not just from the principle that you invest but also from the returns you earn from investing. The idea is that by consistently investing and growing your money this way, you’ll get larger and larger returns over time, because the interest also accumulates over time.

The idea of compound interest applies to more than just investing money. By consistently taking action to foster personal and professional growth, you’re setting yourself up to reach more success over time. That’s why they say that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; and the second best time is today.

The same goes for developing good habits and routines. Things like sticking to a strict sleep schedule, putting in regular hours of studying, and eating healthy, repetitively. These all may seem small and mundane, but when applied over time, you’ll start to see large, meaningful results. Like compound interest, these small habits and routines increase incrementally, until eventually you’re capable of reaching ambitious goals.

Automate the mundane and use consistency and compound interest to become an unstoppable force.

Start developing consistently consistent habits today!

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