The issue

Each time Spacious Coaching onboarded a new trainee it involved hours of repetitive back and forth admin work. Solution Shack was tasked with automating this process whilst ensuring the personal touch was not lost

The solution

Automation Made Simple automated 95% of the onboarding process, saving 30 minutes per trainee. This has saved Spacious Coaching up to 13 hours a week, time that can be spent on revenue generating activities, coaching and training.

About Spacious Coaching Limited

Spacious Coaching has been established over 10 years, during which time their business has grown significantly.

With the impact of Covid on face-to-face training their business has pivoted to become 80% online which meant the current systems needed reviewing and streamlining.

This was their current manual onboarding process: 

  • Leads come into the business through word of mouth, Linkedin and the website.
  • Lead received and email confirmation manually typed and sent out
  • Back and forth email conversation to determine if the training was payable in full or instalments
  • Email the accountant to tell them who to invoice and how they would be paying
  • A week before the training a further email was sent with details of venue etc
  • 2 days before training a reminder email was sent to trainees
  • Paper feedback forms were completed manually on the day by the trainees
  • Feedback forms scanned and uploaded to Dropbox

Spacious Coaching were finding these manual steps time-consuming, not the best use of their time and was costly in terms of salary and the loss of revenue from being unable to carry out coaching sessions.  Solution Shack were asked to help streamline the process.

How Automation Made Simple Helped

The first step in automating any process is to map out the workflow, in this case the onboarding process, to fully understand all the steps taken from initial contact to the end of training.

After mapping out the workflow we designed a flow that was 95% automated using the following steps:

Step 1 – Create Airtable form to enable the creation and scheduling of upcoming courses. Create a Zoom link if the course is online.

Step 2 – Created a booking form using Airtable to capture new client/trainee details which is embedded into Spacious Coaching’s website.  Once the booking form is completed and submitted the trainee is added to their chosen course, an email confirmation is automatically triggered, they are added to a Mailchimp tag if consent has been given and a new client is created in Xero and an invoice generated ready to be emailed.

Step 3 – One week and two days before the course an automated email is sent to the trainees with instructions for joining and a Zoom link (if required).

Step 4 – On the day of the training a feedback form is automatically emailed to each trainee.  On completion of this form a PDF certificate is automatically generated and emailed to the trainee.  The feedback information is collated, and a report generated which is saved in Google data studio for review.

Alerts – Airtable is built to create a register of the trainees which is used on the day of training.  Any no shows are automatically emailed inviting them to book on to a future course.

The outcome

Before the new automated system was implemented, a staff member was manually completing all the communication with trainees, which meant there was the risk  of making mistakes and things slipping through the net along with loss of revenue as they were not able to offer coaching sessions while they were completing admin. 

“Automation Made Simple automated 9 out of 10 of the onboarding steps.  They ensured that we booked onto a dummy course so we could see how the process worked before going live.  This gave us the opportunity to tweak certain aspects of the onboarding process and gave us the confidence to implement the new automated system”

AMS continue to work with Spacious Coaching on automating further business processes and also provide ongoing support for the automated client onboarding.

“The new automated onboarding process is excellent and has saved us so much time, time we can spend on coaching and training our clients.  Automation has changed our business!”

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