Case Study – Spacious Coaching

spacious coaching

Case Study – Spacious Coaching

The Client
Spacious Coaching

The recent pandemic required Spacious coaching to  pivot their  business to become 80% online.  The current system needed reviewing and streamlining to fit the online business model. Leads come into their business through word of mouth, Linkedin, and the website.

What were they?

Firstly, the on-boarding process for new trainee’s involved hours of repetitive back and forth admin work. This took away time that could be used to focus on the business.

Manual Process

The onboarding process involved various steps before the actual coaching training took place:

1. Lead received and email confirmation manually typed and sent out
2. Back and forth email conversation to determine if the training was payable in full or installments
3. Email the accountant to tell them who to invoice and how they would be paying
4. Email to the student to confirm
5. A week before the training a further email was sent with details of venue etc
6. 2 days before training a reminder email was sent to trainees
7. Paper feedbacks were completed manually on the day by the trainees
8. Feedback forms scanned and uploaded to Dropbox

Spacious Coaching was finding these manual steps time-consuming, open to error  and not the best use of their time.


What were the goals?

We were tasked with automating this process whilst ensuring the personal touch was not lost.

The new automated onboarding process is excellent and has saved us so much time, time we can spend on coaching and training our clients.  Automation has changed our business!

Spacious Coaching

mins saved per student
per week saved

The Solution
How did we help?

We automated aspects of the marketing and built an online booking system.   The new workflow follows these steps …

Web form is completed manually by the trainee which triggers these automated steps:

A confirmation email is sent out
Email address is automatically added to  Mailing lists if they have given permission
A new client is added or updated  automatically in Xero
An invoice is automatically raised (if required) and emailed to the trainee.
A Zoom link is automatically  created and email reminders sent to trainees a week before and two days before the course

On the day of the course

Feedback forms are sent/received and collated for analysis later.
A certificate of attendance in PDF format is automatically created and sent upon receipt of the feedback form

Tools Used

Need help streamlining your workflows?

Here’s how we can help …


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