Case Study – Cookie Doodle Doo

Cookie Doodle Doo

Case Study – Cookie Doodle Doo

The Client -
Cookie Doodle Doo.

This is a case study of Cookie Doodle Doo who make personalised cookies.

What were they?

This case study highlights the fact automation can be used on the smallest repetitive tasks.  Regardless of whether you automate a whole process or a single task you can and will see substantial cost and time savings.

Manual Process

Hand-writing labels for delivery boxes.

What were the goals?

Hand writing labels was not the best use of Mel’s time.  It was a boring job that was essential but it was taking at least 1 minute per label.  For 800 orders received Mel would spend on average 2 days writing labels.


We were tasked with automating the process by creating a mail merge based on orders received in Shopify.

I highly recommend Yvonne to any business who has tasks that are necessary but where Yvonne’s help leaves you to concentrate on the things you do best!

Mel Drewery – Cookie Doodle Doo

per 800 orders

The Solution
How did we help?

The solution was to connect Shopify, Google Sheets and Avery mail merge together using Zapier.

1. Zapier was used to pull the address details from Shopify into a Google Spreadsheet
2. Avery mail merge add on was added to Google
3. A mail merge was used to create the printed labels which included Mel’s logo and the order number so this could be tied back to the initial order to ensure the correct cookies was in the right box.


The Post Office prefers printed labels too as they are easier to process.  So a win-win all round!

Tools Used

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