Airtable Consulting

Airtable Consulting

Airtable gives you the tools to organise, streamline, and customise your work on a level never before possible!

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What is Airtable?

Think of a database like your good kitchen knife.Β  Ask anyone who likes to cook, and they will tell you that a high-quality cutting tool makes all the difference in the world.

Airtable is that tool for organising and analyzing data.Β  It can help you quickly retrieve only the information you need, create visual reports, and even combine information from more than one source.

To find out more check out our blog post What is Airtable?

I can go to the system you’ve built on Airtable and show you exactly all of our sales leads at the moment.Β  I can show you all the projects we’re delivering live right now and it’s given me a lot of comfort that nothing is being missed.Β  It’s also very useful for the team as well, because they’re able to see exactly everything that’s going on. We were using loads of software but they were off the shelf and you have to tailor them to yourself.Β  Whereas what we’ve built is something that is unique to our business.

Rob Geraghty

Rob GeraghtyFounder - Presenting Virtually

We can design and build an Airtable solution specific to your business!

We help you unlock your data with easily customisable interfaces, powerful integrations that give you immediate access to your data across all the apps and systems you use in your business.

βœ… Automate tasks

βœ… Powerful CRM/Project management system

βœ… Ability to build a bespoke dashboard (interface)

βœ… Sync data across teams and table

βœ… Powerful reporting ability

βœ… Utilise in-built forms


If you’ve not tried Airtable yet you can give it a try here πŸ‘‡πŸ½

or download our free Airtable content bank template.

All you’ll need is an Airtable account and then you can add an idea quickly with an in-built form, discover your most engaging content, receive weekly email summaries of posted content and daily reminders of the content you have scheduled.

Dowload it hereπŸ‘‡πŸ½

πŸ“† Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation

Want a hand getting set up?

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your database we’ve got you covered, with our Consulting & Training options.

Let’s say you’re looking to solve a problem in your existing database, or want to learn how to do something specific, add a feature, or strategise ways to automate existing workflows. We’ll help you do all that and moreβ€”all you have to do is choose one of our options below:

1-2-1 TrainingΒ£197

βœ” Intro to Airtable
βœ” Data types
βœ” Tables views e.g. gallery, kanban, calendar, search, groups
βœ” Airtable forms
βœ” Demonstration of how to create formulae
βœ” Syncing two or more tables
βœ” Linking tables and lookups
βœ” Automation
βœ” Airtable app overview (Reports, Page Designer)
βœ” Reports (Apps)
βœ” Airtable Web Clipper
βœ” How to use a prebuilt template
βœ” Build your own CRM
βœ” Interfaces

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5 hour packageΒ£475

βœ”Β  5 hours consulting time either one or one for on a done for you basis.

βœ”Β  All calls take place via Zoom

βœ”Β  Recordings provided (if required)

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10 Hour PackageΒ£900

βœ”Β  10 hours consulting time either one or one for on a done for you basis.

βœ”Β  All calls take place via Zoom

βœ”Β  Recordings provided (if required)

βœ”Β  Training provided

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We invoice in blocks of time for clients who want to budget as they go during a project as we find this to be the most cost effective way. Larger time packages are available on request.

For clients looking for total support and a base built from scratch with complex workflow automations , a price will be provided after the initial consultation when we will establish the scope of the project.Β  A proposal is provided with all details prior to any work commencing.