7 ways to supercharge your business using Airtable

7 ways to supercharge your business using Airtable

7 ways to supercharge your business using Airtable

Imagine a brand new system for your business. One that lets you store structured data. Unlike a spreadsheet Airtable’s also a database that makes it simple to find the most important of data quickly and with ease.

Airtable has quickly become one of the most popular tools that small and large companies like Netflix and Shopify prefer to use in order to streamline their operations.

We can provide you a bespoke information system which unlike a spreadsheet is also a database. One which has the ability to locate data quickly and easily.

Whatever your business, you can use Airtable to improve productivity, stay on top of your data, and run your empire like an organised lean machine. The system is flexible enough to adapt to any business type.

Airtable’s simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to organize your data into the desired tables and then add fields for anything you need.

Here’s 7 ways to supercharge your business using Airtable

1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The purpose of a CRM system is to manage relationships and maximize their value.

With a simple-to-use inbuilt form, Airtable collates client information recording it quickly and easily. Client interaction emails, general updates, calls and scheduling follow-up calls are just a click away. With a fully integrated CRM system your business will feel more streamlined, giving you and your teams the gift of time to run your business.

2. Social Media Content

Creating and planning social media campaigns have never been easier with Airtable.

Images, stock photos and graphics are easily stored in one place, facilitating your marketing department to create the perfect posts and campaigns on fast moving and ever evolving social media platforms.

In no time you’ll be putting out engaging and effective social media content, driving your brand forwards.

3. Project Management

With our Project Management templates you’ll be turning even the most junior Project Managers into pros.

The system consolidates all of your work into one place, making it ideal to run projects of any size. You will also have the ability to easily track the progress, manage workflows and oversee budgets while keeping all those necessary informed in real-time.

Our project management templates are perfect for start-ups, small businesses and more. Making even the most complex of projects manageable our system allows structure and flexibility.


4. Event Planning

From small and intimate to huge scale events the Airtable Event Planning templates have it all. Again, as with every aspect of Airtable, the templates are simple to use.

From the planning stages we provide checklists that will keep you on track with to-do lists and budgets / expenses.

Airtable gives you the ability to plan, structure, implement, run and track any physical or virtual event, enabling you to host with precision and professionalism.

Our event planner templates also make all of your event information always accessible on any device, anywhere. This gives you extra freedom to plan on the move, at home or in the office.


5. Expense Tracking

Yet another popular feature of Airtable tracking your expenses.  It allows you to log and keep track of both business or personal expenses.

This template makes recording, categorising and locating purchases and receipts so easy. Our built-in tracking is a perfect way to stay on top of expenditure and budgets.

6. Product Management

If products are at the heart of your business then Airtable still has you covered as our product planning template is perfect for teams of all sizes working throughout the product life cycle from concept to launch.

Having all of the ideas and information with tasks, your teams will be able to simply filter what they require, saving time and easily share with those who need the information in just a few clicks.

7. Employee onboarding

As your business grows you will likely recruit key team members.

Airtable gives you the ability to manage your new recruit’s onboarding process with this template to ensure that they’re ready to hit the ground running from and even before day one.

The template will provide you with check-lists, resources, progress logging and departmental information you and your recruit will require. Yet another resource where all information can be logged and located with ease.

So there you have it…

Airtable is the above and so much more as a versatile database which will grow with you. No matter how large your files get, it’s still easy to find what you need, when you need it, while integrating seamlessly with other applications you use within your business.


To find out more simply book a discovery call with us and join the thousands of businesses already using Airtable.

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