5 Ways to automatically thank your customers and clients

5 ways to automatically thank your customer/clients

5 Ways to automatically thank your customers and clients

We’re big fans of thanking our customers and clients. It’s a simple thing that can go a long way in building relationships with them. And in this day and age, technology makes it easier than ever to thank your customers automatically. By expressing your thanks you will ensure your customers feel appreciated which fosters long-term relationships.

Here’s 5 ways to automatically thank your customers and clients without sacrificing your customer experience:

There are many ways to automatically thank your customers

There are many ways to automatically thank your customers. You don’t need a big budget, or even a big idea, for that matter. The best way to show appreciation is by taking the time to do it yourself—it’s the best way to ensure that you’re addressing them as individuals and not just another number on your list.

There are lots of tools available online that make it easy for you to create personalised video messages, but we’ve found that making an effort in person is often more effective (especially if there’s some kind of live component involved). This can be anything from sending flowers after someone purchases something from your e-commerce site or bringing in some fresh baked cookies when someone books a service appointment with you over the phone. And if all else fails? Try sending out an email with an automated personal message instead!

A simple email saying thank you can go a long way

An email is the most direct and personal way to thank someone, and it’s easy to do. You can send a thank you email for any reason—for example, when someone purchases something from you or your business, after they’ve been a customer for 3 months, when they refer a friend or colleague to your brand.

You don’t need any reason at all! You could send out an automated “thank-you” message whenever someone subscribes to your mailing list or signs up for one of your eBooks, for example:

When a new Pipedrive deal changes automatically add the client as a Mailchimp subscriber which triggers a thank you email.

The point is that automation makes it easy for you not only to thank people regularly but also tailor those messages so that each one feels like an individual experience.

Create an automatic and personalised thank you video

Video is one of the best ways to drive a positive experience for your customers. And you don’t have to be an expert in video creation or editing—you can use a simple tool like Animoto to take care of everything.

Create an automatic and personalised thank you video

Use Animoto’s pre-made templates, or create something entirely custom using your own photos and/or videos. After all, it’s important that the message come across loud and clear: “Thank you! We appreciate your business.”


Create a referral URL with unique landing pages for each customer

Referral links are a great way to automatically thank your customers for their business and encourage them to refer others. They’re also very effective at tracking referrals, because each person who clicks on the referral link is recorded as a referral from that particular customer. Here’s how you can set up your own referral program:

  • Create a unique landing page for each customer, using something like Lander or Landing Page Builder
  • Add a custom thank-you message with an image of your brand’s logo and whatever other branding elements you’d like—and make sure it looks good!
  • Create a custom URL so they can easily share it with friends

Send every client a birthday card or on their birthday

If a client’s birthday is coming up, send them a card. Include a personal message and an offer for them to use on their special day.

Offer: “Thank you for being such a wonderful customer! We thought you might like this coupon code for 10% off your next purchase.”

Card: “On behalf of the entire team here at [corporation], we’d like to wish you all the best on your birthday!”

Birthday card

Consider giving every customer an automated phone call when they sign up for your service or buy your product

So you’re thinking about giving every customer an automated phone call when they sign up for your service or buy your product, thanking them and helping to answer any questions they may have. Cool! Your customers are going to love that and feel really special, because let’s face it: most companies don’t do this.

In general, a cool way to improve the customer experience is by giving people more personal attention at every stage of the process. You could even go so far as to make them feel like they’ve been invited into some kind of private club with all these special perks!

Automatically thanking your customers is easy and good for business

It’s an unfortunate reality that many businesses fail to thank their customers for their business. Sometimes this is because there are never enough hours in the day, but sometimes it’s because they’re just too lazy to do anything about it.

You know what? We’re going to save you some time and make it easy for you to start thanking your customers automatically. All of these tools are free and can be set up so quickly so start thanking your customers now!

Give out some customer cuddles and increase your profitability…

We hope these examples have given you some ideas for how to thank your customers. Automated thank yous are a great way to add value and build up trust in your brand. They can also help make your business more profitable by increasing customer retention rates and encouraging referrals. So if you want more customers and happier clients, start thanking them automatically today!

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