5 reasons Virtual Assistants should learn automation

5 reasons Virtual Assistants should use automation

5 reasons Virtual Assistants should learn automation

We believe there are 5 reasons Virtual Assistants should learn automation and we want to share how Yvonne, one half of Automation Made Simple (AMS) started her remote working career as a Virtual Assistant back in 2017.  While she already had knowledge of automation on an industrial level, she’d never considered it for small business owners.  Well, that was until one of her clients paid her to go away and find out more!

It’s true, she was paid to learn about automation for small business owners and that’s when she discovered Zapier.  There are so many Virtual Assistants worldwide all offering different services but Yvonne recognised the opportunity to stand out in the crowd and niche into an area that not many others were working in!

At AMS we strongly believe having the ability to use Zapier to automate  is a massive opportunity for Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers to offer a service that is fastly becoming a very sought after service.

These are our 5 reasons Virtual Assistants shoud learn automation.

1. Increased earning potential

The average wage for a VA is in the region of £28 per hour.  If you learn how to use Zapier to automate you can expect to at least double that!  After all you’ll be saving your clients hours of time, not only also increasing their earning potential but also by making their business more efficient.

Automation is a growing trend and is not going anywhere especially with the growth in no-code tools like Zapier. It’s important you keep up with these growing trends and take advantage of the opportunities automation will bring.

2. Automation saves you and your clients time

It’s no secret as a VA you’ll be managing multiple task lists for your different clients. Your job is all about sorting out someone else, whether that’s diary management, email management, organising files etc. BUT, who is there to help you sort out all your tasks?  There is usually only you isn’t there.

Which is where Zapier, Airtable and automation comes in.  Zapier will become your own personal assistant, helping not only you to keep organised but your clients too, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

3. Automation will help you stay on top of your tasks

When you’re juggling tasks for your clients and yourself your systems need to be efficient.

There are so many automations you can use to help you tick those jobs off your to do list.  Here are just a few:

  • Save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive
  • Create Trello cards from new Gmail threads
  • Create Asana tasks from new saved Slack message
  • Add new saved Slack message to Todoist as tasks
  • Star Gmails to create Google tasks
  • Manage social media by creating a copy of an Instagram post into a Trello card, building a bank of content to repurpose with very little effort.Here’s the link to this 👆automation to try

4. You’ll never miss a call

When you’re managing multiple diaries you’ll want to make sure meetings have video calls scheduled, but that can take up a lot of time.  If your clients are not using an online booking system you will have to copy Zoom events into calendar events.

The great news is that Zapier can take care of it for you…

You can create a detailed Google calendar event from new Zoom meetings automatically!

5. You’ll never miss appointments

Even if you’re an organisation ninja, nobody is perfect and life gets in the way.  Let’s face it, we have all missed an appointment at one time or another.

The great news is you can drastically minimise this happening by using Zapier and automation.

Zapier can send you and the meeting attendees an alert by SMS reminding you all of your upcoming meetings.  Or, if you prefer, you can send reminders to Slack or Teams.

There really is no excuse for you or your clients to be missing appointments when you have access to  SMS by Zapier. So automate the process and use it for all types of notifications.

Ready to learn how to use Zapier?

If you’d love to take advantage of a sought after skill and learn how to use Zapier, then you can sign up for our 1-2-1 automation with Zapier training.  There are 2 levels, beginner to intermediate and advanced. Or,  if you prefer to train in a group we are holding our next group session on

Here’s some feedback from VA’s who have already learned how to use automation:

Wow just Wow thank you so much Yvonne & Jason Martin, I have just spent an hour training on automating different processes. How often do you do training and come out with yeah that was ok, the first thing I did was tell someone Id been on life changing training. The training was clear and concise and just basically phenomenal. It is going to help me and my business but also enable me to help my clients. Not sure whether you’d do the training then think again…. a couple of hours of your time to get back hundreds of hours its a no brainer really. Thank you 🙂 – Pippa Mell, Diamond Office Support

I attended a 1:1 Automation Fundamentals training session with Yvonne recently and was amazed by how much time you could save by automating repetitive tasks between commonly used apps such as Outlook, Gmail, Trello, Mailerlite or Mailchimp, as well as various payment apps such as Stripe and Paypal! In fact there are over 3000 apps that the base app, Zapier, could link with. Just thinking of the amount of time this could save me and my clients is mind-blowing. – Dawn Roffe, Virtual PA

I attended an excellent training session given by Jason on Advanced Zapier Automation. The training contained a lot of useful information without being overwhelming and he explained everything very clearly. The support set up around the session was good too, and he patiently answered all my questions. Jo Shock – Streamlines Virtual Support

Book your training here:

Beginner: https://nocodeva.as.me/zapier

Advanced: https://nocodeva.as.me/zapier

If you prefer to train in a group setting email us here to find out more.

Remember, automation won’t take your job, automation will be your own personal assistant and make you more efficient.

What are you waiting for?  Get in touch today, don’t leave it until tomorrow!  Book your training now.

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