10 popular Airtable integrations

10 popular Airtable integrations

10 popular Airtable integrations

Airtable is like a blank, white canvas: you can create, design, use it for anything (an operations dashboard, a wedding registry, a restaurant menu) — heck, paint it whatever colour you want! But, how do you turn a spreadsheet/database into something so much more powerful and flexible? The answer is simple! Airtable integrations.

If you want to get your data into Airtable from multiple apps, Airtable integrations will enable information to flow between apps making your work much more simple. With over a 1000 integrations it’s possible to collect information and bring it into Airtable with Zapier for example, without any manual work.

10 Popular Airtable Integrations

1. Zapier

Zapier is an online application that enables the connection between apps and automates the flow of information between them. For example: Zapier can allow you to automatically integrate your Airtable contacts and tasks with Gmail or Outlook. You will be able to receive an email every time you create a new contact, making it easier than ever to keep track of important information. You will also be able to send emails directly from Airtable through Gmail. 

2. Dropbox

Once you have all the data and documents in Airtable, how are you going to share it with the people who need it? The built-in integration between Dropbox and Airtable allows users to add attachments or links to their records from Dropbox. So, if your team or company or clients who use this storage service, it will be easy to manage your documents. You can also share links of your Dropbox content directly within Airtable.

3. Google Drive

A direct integration between Airtable and Google Drive allows users to quickly create a new record or update one directly in their Drive account using a web app or an Android or iOS app. Moreover, they can also add a link or attachment from their Drive account to the records in Airtable. For Google Drive users who want to get a better management of their files, Airtable might be the right tool for the job.

4. Gmail

Airtable is all about getting information out of emails into the right tools for you. Within the add attachment dialog box in Airtable, you can click “Gmail” and select “Attach via Gmail”. Then simply compose your email as usual and click attach. Once you send the email in Gmail, Airtable will bring over the file as an attachment automatically once it arrives in your inbox.

5. JotForm

JotForm is a popular form creation platform that lets you create forms based on your Airtable tables. This means you can use an Airtable table as the data source for a JotForm form, which is useful if you want to send data from JotForm submissions directly into an Airtable table. 

6. Slack

This integration is useful for teams. It enables users to get notified in Slack whenever someone makes an update in Airtable. It’s possible to send a message directly from within Slack. As soon as someone clicks “Edit” on the update, this will send a message to everyone subscribed to that task. This is helpful if you need something done immediately; your team members can see what needs to be done and take care of it right away. 

7. Mailchimp

The integration between Mailchimp and Airtable allows you to sync your contacts to Airtable. Mailchimp offers you three different options for syncing fields with Airtable. You can sync all the available fields, or select specific ones. You can also choose which Mailchimp list to sync data from, whether it’s the default one or one you have created yourself. Once your list is synced, each contact will be linked to a record in your database (or “base”). This increases the level of automation and data organisation within the two platforms.

8. Calendly

Calendly, a scheduling tool for the busy entrepreneur, provides you with the ability to organise your time and schedule appointments. However, integrating Airtable into your workflow will help you track all event data and organise it in a single database. You can use Airtable as a way to log contacts to follow up with after an event or to keep track of your clients’ contact information. You can also use Calendly for data collection and then share that information with your team on Airtable.

9. Shopify

The Shopify/Airtable integration can be really useful for the ecommerce store owners who want to get all the perks of both platforms.

The best thing about this integration is that it is easy to use and you don’t have to go through any technical hurdles to make it work. You can integrate your Shopify store with your Airtable account within minutes.

Once you’re done with the integration, you’ll be able to automatically sync your products from Shopify to Airtable. This way, you’ll see all your products in an organized manner in Airtable. You can set up pricing, descriptions, photos and other relevant details in Airtable and then sync those details back to Shopify. This way, you won’t have to manually add new products or edit existing ones every time there’s a change in the product details.

10. Zoom

Trying to keep track of your meetings in Zoom can quickly become overwhelming. You have to open multiple tabs to see who’s joined, who hasn’t yet, who’s talking, and who just left. It can get messy fast. Airtable is a great alternative for tracking your meetings with Zoom. It’s built for setting up tables that make it easy to organize information into rows and columns. The data saved in Airtable can be displayed on charts, filtered through search bars, or sorted by columns.

So, the possibilities are limitless …

Hopefully, you now see what the potential is when it comes to using Airtable with other platforms. The platform offers a way to record data, and a way to organize it by linking it to other resources. You can make use of its integration features, but most importantly, you can find new ways to make your work life easier by using other services that can automate tasks or extend the usefulness of your data.


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